Sant Miquel de Fluvià

Sant Miquel de Fluvià

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Palace in a small village on the Costa Brava

Sant Miquel de Fluvià

    • 945 m2
    • 1.000 m2
    • 16
  • 750.000

Baustelle Sant Miguel de Fluvià

Sant Miquel de Fluvià

    • 220 m2
    • 860 m2
    • 4
  • 320.000

Information about Sant Miquel de Fluvià

Already from far away, the impressive belfry “Torre-Campanario“ of the church, which former was a part of the monastery, dominates the village of Sant Miguel de Fluvià. Embedded into the green landscape of the Empordà, the architectural ensemble in the middle of the spot attracts us. The church square welcomes us freshly redeveloped. Cobblestones, lawn, olive trees and rests of wall are surrounded by modern railings and crate flair.

On the nave walls which are bleached by the sun, doves are sitting cooingly. Behind the church, an elderly lady is cleaning the windows of her house. The alleys of the village are laying in the shadow of midday.

The church from the 11th century originates from the monastery Sant Miguel de Fluvià and is counted among one of the best maintained buildings from the Early Romantic Period. In 1931, the installation was declared national monument. The ground-plan of the church corresponds to a basilica. Over the centuries, the monument has been modified. 

After turmoil and destruction of the civil war, a restoration of the church ensemble was done in 1945. The bold and robust, 27m high belfry has a square ground-plan of 8x8 meters. It has 2 meter thick walls and consists of 3 floors. In former days, it was situated next to the church, but today they are connected by a pathway.