7 Properties in Palau-saverdera

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Unique villa with ocean view - Palau-saverdera


    • 450 m2
    • 1.846 m2
    • 4
  • 1.250.000

B & B and a Jazz Bar


    • 310 m2
    • 865 m2
    • 5
  • 845.000

Great property with sea views


    • 243 m2
    • 1.746 m2
    • 4
  • 690.000

Detached house with large garden and pool


    • 397 m2
    • 806 m2
    • 4
  • 690.000

Unique property with sea view on the Costa...


    • 1.341 m2
    • 5.533 m2
    • 10
  • 1.100.000

Mediterranean villa with sea views


    • 300 m2
    • 1.462 m2
    • 3
  • 780.000

Architect's villa in Palau-saverdera


    • 425 m2
    • 807 m2
    • 4
  • 775.000

Information about Palau-saverdera

A charming spot

Small but mighty - Palau Saverdera, a charming spot surrounded by green highland and guarded by the beautiful pyrenees, is almost as interesting as some of the bigger coastal towns of the Costa Brava. You can gaze at an old olive squeezer and the balcony of Empordá, a memorial for the victims of the civil war, at the entrance of the village, besides Palau is the proud owner of a museum. Anyway the centerpiece of the mountain village is the spring of Dalt: a drinking water fountain, whichs spends crystal clear water to inhabitants and visitors.

Palau-saverdera - Costa Brava


With view of the mountain idyll and the ocean

But there are not only cultural treasures waiting to be discovered, the view of the mountain idyll and the ocean, which is only 15 minutes away, is just as well spectacular. The walls of the old stone houses are overgrown by blooming roses, people sit on their wrought - iron balconys and enjoy the scenery, regional delicacys are served in the shady gardens of the restaurants. Only the monumental church and the orotund town hall are contrary to the simple classiness of the old houses and narrow streets.


Palau-saverdera - housesNothing forces you to leave this place - apart of a school, a bank, a hairdresser and a hotel are also several corner shops, a butchery and a pharmacy in Palau - Saverdera.