14 Properties in Empuriabrava

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Beautiful, detached tower villa in Empuriabrav


    • 151 m2
    • 365 m2
    • 4
  • 445.000

Villa with 2 units in Empuriabrava


    • 233 m2
    • 442 m2
    • 7
  • 635.000

6 Bed Villa in Empuriabrava


    • 250 m2
    • 400 m2
    • 6
  • 529.000

Splendid 5 Bed Villa


    • 189 m2
    • 469 m2
    • 5
  • 529.000

Empuriabrava: Holiday house with large plot


    • 300 m2
    • 700 m2
    • 8
  • 975.000

Nice holiday house in Empuriabrava


    • 220 m2
    • 548 m2
    • 5
  • 520.000

Holiday house in Empuriabrava with large...


    • 180 m2
    • 257 m2
    • 5
  • 520.000

Beautiful modern 4 bedroom holiday villa


    • 130 m2
    • 256 m2
    • 4
  • 372.000

Holiday house in Empuriabrava in south...


    • 150 m2
    • 277 m2
    • 4
  • 425.000

Holiday house in Empuriabrava with large pool


    • 170 m2
    • 429 m2
    • 5
  • 539.000

New luxury-villa on the canal with mooring


    • 231 m2
    • 450 m2
    • 4
  • 820.000

Holiday home in Empuriabrava


    • 110 m2
    • 3
  • 250.000

Information about Empuriabrava


New properties

Empuriabrava was founded in 1967. Most of its 600ha used to be pasture and farm land back then. A small part of it was divided into many small parcels of land, but most of it land belonged to five big farms. Four of them, called Mas Llebrer, Modaguer, Mas Moxó and Cortal Vell, were Antonio de Moxó I Güell’s property, who was margrave of Sant Mori. 

Houses and Yates at the channel Empuriabrava


In 1956, there were initiatives to build new summer cottages along the Catalan coast line. Near the end of 1964, a company known as Eurobrava S.A. submitted a plan to the commune Castelló d’ Empúries. According to this plan, they meant to build in the region between the river Muga, Les Salins and the road leading from Figueres to Roses. Their working title: Eurobrava de la Muga. Soon, people began to call this project Ampurabrava, and today it is known as Empuriabrava in Catalan. Empuriabrava is a region planned in detail on the drawing table, and has since developed to a place loved by tourists. 

The first plan for partial construction was passed in June 1967. 

A year later, the company Ampuriabrava S.A., being the Eurobrava’s successor, began to bring the new properties to an international market. It was the margrave of Sant Mori, who was in charge of the marketing. His slogan: The sea at your front door. The campaign became known all over Europe, but especially in Germany. What is that makes Empuriabrava so special and original? 

It is the construction’s structure. 

A grid of navigable channels is a distinctive part of the townscape. Most houses thus have a direct connection to the sea; boats can be anchored at the front door.  

The property market

This luxury, however, is pricy these days, what with the property market being on of the region’s main branches of economic activity. In the beginning, the properties of Ampurabrava were available for reasonable prices, and investing seemed a good idea. Years passed, and what was once known only to insiders, soon grew to be a town of considerable size. By now, there are 5000 wharfs and Empuriabrava is the world’s biggest marine urban area. Houses at the channel usually cost more than a million Euro, the more luxurious the more expensive. Residents of Empuriabrava are famous doctors, politicians, actors and other international celebrities. 

Empuriabrava - Houses at the channel

The yacht club’s building

One of the town’s landmarks was constructed in the seventies: the yacht club’s building. Unfortunately, a couple of bigger blocks of flats were also built in the seventies, as the prices for parcels of land had risen dramatically  - about 500% - and there was need for less expensive housings. Building flats close to the coast was a feasible solution. 


At the same time, centers for recreation and shopping opportunities were developed. One of the first shops to open its gates was the Montserrat supermarket and its res­taurant. Their owners, Josep Bellot and Montserrat Vidal saw a bright future in Empuriabrava. They had a hard time at first, but then ‘Montserrat’ took a root and became a famous label with many chain stores. 

Empuriabrava’s shopping area is located on the broad Boulevard Carles Fages de Climent, and fringed with arcades. There are boutiques, shoe shops, shops for surfers, estate agencies and many cafés. 

Night life

Of course, a town like this also has a night life. The first disco was opened in 1969. Bars and other discos followed, inviting the guests to celebrate. Today, there is a great variety of places to go. 

Empuriabrava’s first sportive events and performances took place in 1968. They were also used as a marketing strategy for the Marina. 

Water sports

Empuriabrava is the place to go if you are interested in any kind of water sports. Other sports can be practiced there as well, for example skydiving, paragliding, tennis, horseback riding, bicycling and many more. The broad, sandy beaches invite to stay, relax and enjoy. 

Exploring Empuriabrava by boat is always worth a try, and a unique opportunity to get to know the concepts and charms of the Marina.

Houses at the channel - Empuriabrava