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B&B near Besalú Masia with a lot of land


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A beautifully restored 300 year old stone...


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Information about Besalú

Today, thanks to many new and well-extended streets, you can easily get into the sleepy backland of the Costa Brava. The landmark of Besalú is Pont Fortificat, a romantic bridge from the 11th century with its mighty towers of defense and the striking bend in its middle.

In the Middle Ages, travellers had to pay road tolls to pass the bridge. Today, you can get into the city without having to pay. In the district El Call you can still find traces of the Jewish community from the end of the 15th century. The ritually bath (the Mikwah), which originally was located next to the synagogue, is the only bath which still exist in Spain.

The church of Sant Pere is located in the centre of Besalú. Lions that bare its teeth next to an arched window decorate the simply designed west façade. 
Directly opposite there is the church of a destroyed Benedictine Monastery. In the side alleys, you can find small shops with stuff, vegetables and fruits, and foods like from another century. Of course, there are also many street cafés, little restaurants and uncountable hotels, historical façades, splendid archways, ornate enclosures of windows and churches. The church Sant Vincenc, the collegiate church Sant Maria and the church St. Martí can be found.


In 1966, Besalú became historic national heritage (“conjunto histórico artistico). Every year in September, the inhabitants of Besalú and their visitors go back in time until the Middle Ages with great spectacle. Past becomes alive by wearing historical costumes and showing productions. 

Besalú is part of the “Garrotxa“ and is located at the border of the Zona Volcànica de la Garrotxa. This nature reserve with around 30 to 160 metres of high basalt cones, more than 20 fields of lava, maars and craters of explosion is an impressive landscape of lava which is inviting for walks.
Every year on the first weekend of September, the medieval city festival of Besalú takes place. The medieval market attracts visitors with its delicacies, craftsmen, music and much more attractions. 
The medieval old town is a suitable scenery for a travel through time.