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Winter sport areas in the Pyrenees

Winter sport in the Pyrenees

Girona and Barcelona have become more and more accessible by airplane. As flights are cheap, fast and convenient, the winter sport areas in the Pyrenees are becoming more popular with tourists from all over Europe. The Pyrenees offer picturesque winter wonder lands, medieval towns, authentic restaurants as well cosy mountain hotels and modern spas. Activities are numerous and range from sliding, hiking and skiing to lusting after the skiing instructor and learning how to snow board. Best of all, the weather is usually splendid that time of the year, with loads of glorious sunshine.

An hour’s drive from the Costa Brava

The Winter in the PyreneesThe outer borders of the white paradise can be found just about an hour’s drive from the Costa Brava, at Valter 2000. Spain’s biggest skiing area, Alp 2500, is located a little bit further on towards Andorra. Alp 2500 consists of two big winter sport centres, La Molina and Masella. This winter, the skiing season in Masella was opened as early as November 14th.  Alp is a small, picturesquely situated village. 1159 metres above sea level, it has been able to maintain its old core of narrow alleys and old stone houses.La Molina skiing station is surrounded by summits higher than 2500 metres. It has been a favourite with the skiers ever since 1908.

Alp 2500

View from Valter 2000In 1967, the skiing station Masella was opened and fused with La Molina a little bit later, thereby creating Alp 2500. All-inclusive offers are usually valid for both areas – skiers can thus enjoy the bliss of more than 118km slopes of varying difficulty, 29 ski lifts and more than 680 snow guns. Tourists will find similar scenarios all over the Pyrenees: humming ski lifts right up to the very tops of the mountains, snow cannons blasting away in ignorance of climate change and global warming. On the one hand, tourism is important to keep economy in the Pyrenees at a good level, especially throughout the winter months. On the other hand, it is important to keep an eye on nature and protection of the environment.

Unfortunately, there are plans for building yet more ski areas already and it stands to reason that this will only emphasise the vicious circle. Furthermore, snow guns have high energy and water demands. In order to cover 30cm2 of slope with a thick layer of artificial snow, the machines require as much as 1000 000 litres of water. Sustainable solutions will have to be found here.

Vallter 2000

Girona 90 km, Barcelona 150 km

Height: 2000-2650 m.

Snow covered area: 50 km².

  • Dayticket (ski lifts): 31 Euro,
  • from 13:00 26 Euro,
  • 5-day-ticket 125 Euro


Vall de Núria

Girona 110 km, Barcelona 135 km. Height: 1960-2920 m.

Snow covered area: 79 km².

  • 5-day-ticket 112,50 Euro


La Molina

Girona 140 km, Barcelona 160 km. Height: 1436-2540 m.

Snow covered: 70 km².



Girona 160 km, Barcelona 175 km. Height: 1600-2530 m.

Snow covered area: 43 km².

  • Day ticket: 38,50 Euro,
  • from 14:00 28 Euro,
  • 5-day-ticket 150 Euro


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