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The Wild Coast – Costa Brava

Up to now we know very well that the Costa Brava – or better known as the “Wild Coast“ – keep its name fully alive: With all those steep cliffs, where the stormy sea riots, a wildly flourishing Fauna and, of course, all those picturesque bays, this romantic countryside attracts many visitors each year.


For us, not only spending a weekend at the coast, it was a free Saturday afternoon combined with a beautiful day in September, that stired up our enthusiam for a trip to the stunning beaches of the Spanish Costa Brava.

As we have been enjoying a Cocktail at those beautiful bays at Roses, visiting the inaccessible coastline below the cliffs of Cap de Creus or the extensive beaches nearby Empuriabrava so far, those small beaches around Begur should be today’s destination.


Along a windig road accompanied by shady pine forests, we passed by the medieval city Begur, that is located in the heart of the Empordà and is well known for its surrounding bays.

A beautiful coastal road connects Palafrugell with the nearby small fishing villages Tamariu, Llafranc and Calella de Palafrugell and invites to an impressive road trip along the coast – by car or on foot. We decided to spend the afternoon at the bay of Platja d`Aiguablava, a renowned place here.


The way there offered a marvelous panorama of those crystal-clear bays with its meter-high cliffs, tumbling in the mist and the specific rocky beaches created a beautiful image of the Costa Brava. I felt the sun warming up my skin, combined with the smell of sea salt and a cheeky breeze that ruffled my hair. We haven’t even arrived yet, and this place already offered me some kind of rest

small path led us down to the beach which seemed to be immersed into countless colors: Among all those colorful bath towels, there were all possible variations of blue, accompanied by the green of the forests and the noble anthracite of the mountains, that painted an amazing picture.


The bay allowed a pleasant and warm dip into the sea and also invited to a jump from the countless yachts and boats, that found a suitable berth there. In addition to a diving school, a limited number of small cafes and a beach bar were situated there, that offered drinks, including a beautiful view at the sea as well as the stimulating sound of the waves.


Although I was surrounded by this idyllic and relaxing atmosphere, the curiosity inside of me arose. Unfortunately I haven’t brought my snorkel with me but instead it was this litte mysterious path that now gathered my full attention.

Wearing my used Espadrilles, I made my way over hill and dale to the next bay, that I appointed to be my own oasis for today…


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