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¡Viva Cuba! in Catalonia – Fira D’Indians

Begur towers high above a hill with its medieval castle and the city centre, which today should turn into a Cuban place. Many Spanish people had emigrated to Cuba between the 16th an the 19th century when it was a Spanish colony and returned wealthy. The architecture of the city still reflects the wealth and today you celebrate the “Fira D’Indians“ annually in honor to the closeness to Cuba.

The city, its inhabitants and the visitors adorn themselves with Cuban flair. Every first weekend of September, whitely dressed people romp about the narrow streets, smoke cigars in cafés, drink cold Mojitos and stroll around those many small stands which sell Cuban treasures. An elderly man is extolling his Cuban pipes, a woman from Central America is rolling cigars behind a cluster of people and a man wearing a straw hat is sitting at the piano and creates Cuban rhythm.

The guests got carried away by the music, they were dancing and clapping on the village square, their white dresses blowing in the wind and the atmosphere is so contagious, that even more guests start to join.
Small streets meander through the city, starting at the village square, decorated  with garlands of blue, white, and red. Our gaze is wandering from left to right and again and again we discover new things, whether it where stands selling chocolate of any kind, decorated between aromatically smelling cocoa beans, or herbage arranged in baskets made of raffia, which offer relief for any slight pain.

Fiery Spanish barmen are mixing Mojitos, which already have made some of the visitors feeling tipsy beneath the burning sun. Leather straps, white clothes and dresses for those who have forgotten about the dress code, delicious somethings like cake or Magdalena, which should sweeten the event, and palm leaves on every wall of the buildings, which create a feeling of being on the island – everything is available here.

Attractions like a lesson in mixing cocktails, in learning Latin dances or weaving a basket – entertainment is guaranteed for young and old.
Cuban music inspiring us, cigarette smoke surrounding us, and the Mojito got us going – this is how we were strolling through the hubbub and were feeling it authentically, feeling the enthusiasm for the distant country in the Caribbean which was the home of many Catalans for a long time.

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