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Visiting a Spanish Market – Discovering, Haggling, Cheering!

Whereas visiting a market in Germany means taking a tour to the city hall to buy sausage, cheese and eggs from the farmer round the corner, Spain seems to be overfilled by various markets:

Every Wednesday, there is a market in Sant Pere Pescador, on Saturdays Empuriabrava attracts with numerous souvenirs, fresh vegetables as well as clothing at its Promenade and on Sundays you can stroll along the stands in L’Escala.


These markets are closely followed by specific regional markets, such as the Medieval Market in Besalú, which takes place in the context of its Festa Major, the evening-night White Summer Market in Serres de Pals or the antique markets of the region.

With our shopping bags in our hands and willig to make one or another bargain we were heading to the market in Sant Pere Pescador – including rummaging and haggling, of course. There was a long way framed by countless booths and stands with plenty of colorful shining jewelery, filigree dresses as well as toys and designer handbags – originally, or not.


Sunglasses here, leather bands there, accompanied by bags filled with fresh vegetables and fruits, the image of a lively market that has a lot to offer joined up.
Especially the hand-made goods gathered all my attention: There were those woven baskets and bags in African style, finely decorated ceramics, and colorful deocorated purses, that were embedded in Indio Music and the smell of incense sticks.


Stunned by all the affortable prices and the opulent banns of goods, the intention that we actually don’t need anything was quickly replaced by the wish and the occasion just to take home everything.


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    ¡Bonita! Esto ha sido un realmente maravilloso artículo. Muchas gracias por proporcionar esta información .

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