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Temps de Flors – Girona covered in flowers

Shooting GOT in Girona

For a long time, Girona has been covering itself with flowers in the month of May. We have been there at the 61 Temps de Flors to capture the most beautiful moments of the opening event. 

Cathedral of Girona

Temps de Flor in Girona

Temps de Flors

All day long, we roamed through Girona’s impressing Old Town, not only to discover the art of flowers, but also to find a couple of new galleries, restaurants and boutiques.
However, even the smallest and most winding alleys at the verge of the Old Town have been freshly restored and brought to new life. Only a few building sites are left now.


Decoration during the flower festival in Girona

Decoration in old town Girona



Girona is shining

Girona shines in its garment of spring, and the inhabitants have dressed up for the opening ceremony. We find blossoming pieces of art in the streets and squares, in yards and churches, on meadows and roofs. Art and kitsch, flower and form, constructed and grown – it is a symbiosis of emotion, fun, cooperation and communication. It is a feast for all senses that attracts more visitors each year. We let the colorful crowd carry us. The cathedral’s bells chime, raised high above. The wind carries flowers made of paper.


Cathedral of Girona, decorated

Pieces of art at the Cathedral


White cement sculptures linger on a wall. Now and then cloves and leaves surprise us, exotic buds, branches and trunks, all intricate and forming sculptures. They lean against walls or seem to float freely in the narrow alleys. The school for music is giving an early open-air concert; their violins‘ soft sounds are carried far away. Visitors wait in line in front of the Arabic Baths. We keep maundering, until we reach the stairs of the cathedral. Here, an arrangement of flowers creates a new coherence between architecture, human beings, and nature.


Temps de Flors

Decoration arrangement, connecting art and nature


“Temps de Flors” represents the interaction of art and nature. Hence, reality and illusion. Moments of caducity in the circle of life.

Finally we find a coffee shop at a corner has a free table for us. Relaxed, we lean back and watch as the other visitors pass us by. However, Girona – we will come back, next year at the latest, for the 62. Temps de Flors in the May of 2017.

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