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Flower festival Girona 2017

Temps de Flors – Girona spring scented

Sometimes carnival like, other times tastefully and minimalist, every now and then poetically or just hopelessly romantic – there’s such a diversity in the installations of “Temps de Flors“ 2017.

Rebellion against Franco

There are many myths around the history of the flower festival. According to some sources, the festival was a symbol of resistance against the Franco dictatorship. However, the flower show was officially opened in 1954 for the first time, that’s a fact.

Decorated stairs with flowers

The stairs in front of the Sant Feliu church are lovely decorated with arches and flowers in bright colours.

Kitsch and art

This year, the colourful festival takes place for the 62nd time in the old town of Girona. You can argue about the artistic value, but not about the entertaining quality. The lines between kitsch and art become blurred. Year after year in May, the Temps de Flors festival is a major attraction and works perfectly as marketing element for the city.

Bags filled with water

Bags filled with water hanging down from a tree, interesting decoration, we think.

Everyone is participating

The spring festival is also proof for the sense of community the locals of Girona have. Everyone does his bit, whether it is a small bouquet of flowers at the entrance, opulent tendrils at the front of a window, or hundreds of flowerpots in an old bathtub in a historic patio – everybody wants to be part of it.

Huge onion

While walking through the old town, we suddenly find this huge onion consisting of loads of small onions.

Food with flowers and a cappella music

In cafés you can try flower cakes, boutiques present flower dresses, a flowerbed decorates a furniture shop’s window, restaurants serve flower menus and the A Capella Festival provides the perfect music to all of this.
Every year, we stroll curiously along the alleys and let the city cast its spell over us. Girona shows how beautiful community and province life can be.

Peonies in a cupcake store

We can’t walk by this lovely decorated shop window of an even lovelier cupcakes store. They have arranged peonies, my favourite flowers!

Red flags in the wind

White Summer Festival in Pals

For the 5th time in a row, White Summer in Pals is offering a 22-days-long open air market from 6pm to 1 am in bohemian-chic. Fancy jewelry, the latest fashion, art, furniture and decoration as well as small beach bars attract more than 100.000 visitors every year. Over 30 food-tracks and 3 restaurants offer a wide range of culinary diversity. Ttraditional, Spanish food or vegan meals – you can find everything you wish for at the White Summer festival.

Refreshments at the festival

Visitors can enjoy fresh drinks and food.

White Summer is a perfect place for those who are creative, curious and willing to buy unique items for a fair price. Numerous stages attract musicians to play instruments and sing. The nice music creates a perfect atmosphere to relax in one of the various cozy seat possibilities and have a drink or two with friends.

Perfect atmosphere at the White Summer Festival

People enjoying their meal from one of the 30 festival food tracks.

How it started

Miryam Cuatrecasas is the founder of this event. Her intention was to improve and expand the leisure facilities during the summer in Pals. The festival represents social commitment and supports sustainability as well as km0/slow food. Thus, all sellers and suppliers of the market are locals.

Perfect labelling at the festival

You can’t get lost at the festival with this beautiful handmade labelling.

White Summer is more than only a market. It is a unique event, that combines leisure time, gastronomy, art and music. A place that surprises with its creativity and variety. We can only warmly recommend everyone to visit the festival in Pals and enjoy its uniqueness.

People enjoying the sun beneath red festival flags

People enjoying the last sunrays of the day.

Girona Temps de flors 2015

A city in full bloom

Once a year the city Girona is covered with a blanket of sweet scented flowers. The exhibition Temps de Flors is held in the historic centre of Girona in the lovely springtime when everything is flourishing and turning to green. Flowers are in full bloom and the charming city glows in the sunlight. Many attractive highlights are awaiting the visitors. During the festival in May, the city offers creative flower arrangements, culinary highlights, concerts, opera productions , competitions and theater performances. The festival celebrates 60th anniversary. Like in the years before it is dedicated again to the beauty of flowers.

What started out as a private event has now grown and become a colourful city festival. Floral artworks with a seductive fragrance enthuse the flower loving ones and indulge the senses. It is the unique combination of art, architecture and nature, what makes this festival so special.


For those who wish to take it a little easier, Girona offers some quiet places apart from the artistic displays. The city is ike a picture of artists, where various flower series meet historical heritage and impressive architecture. The private city palaces and patios are opened for the public during the festival.

Supported by professionals, the residents of Girona partcipate in the decoration of the streets and alleys. Fascinated by the relaxed and familiar atmosphere, locals and vistors celebrate togehter. The restaurants treat the participants with culinary delights such as exotic dishes refined with flowers and blossoms. The openness and hospitality makes the event to a unique, unforgettable experience that attracts more and more visitors year after year. The best moments of 2015 – exclusively for you!



Clear the Ring for the International Circus Festival 2015

Magic, exoticism, adventure, and a bit of freedom is what comes to our minds when thinking of circus. The smell of popcorn, the rustling straw under our feet, the spotlights and drum rolls, the laugh of children when the clowns fall over their enourmous shoes – circus always is an adventure which we experience with all of our senses.

It lets us forget about the world when watching the beautiful artiste who is gracefully swinging the hula hoop. We hold our breaths when the trapeze artist is winding around himself for the fifth time and only holds on to the trapeze with one foot. We laugh out loudly when the clowns are hunting each other, the toy trumpets are echoing and their colossal noses are slipping. We applaud enthusiastically when the circus horses are strutting across the circus ring on their back legs and we cry tears of joy and emotion when little girls are dancing on the high wire as if it was a runway.

This year, The International Circus Festival in Figueres enters into the fourth round on February 26. There are 72 artistes coming from 14 countries expected to come which already have caused enthusiasm among the audience of last year. The elite of jugglers, aerialists, clowns, and acrobats will be represented in Europe for the first time and will cause an unforgettable evening in the new big top on the exhibition centre of Figueres. During different shows – the blue and the red one – the artistes and their 24 circus acts will be evaluated by a specialist jury. Only the best artistes will enter the final – the golden – show. Last year, the individual artist Kai Cao from China, the circus “Diabolos“ from Russia as well as the “National Circus of Pyongyang“ from North Korea won the “Golden Dalí Elefant“, being the highest award.


On you can get tickets for groups at 10€ per person. At 40€ per person you can sit down in the VIP loge. 
On, the organizer will provide you with constantly up-to-date information.
Visiting the circus will be an unforgettable experience, as the slogan on the website promises.
So don’t miss it! Clear the ring for another fantastic edition of the International Circus Festival of the City of Figueres.


¡Viva Cuba! in Catalonia – Fira D’Indians

Begur towers high above a hill with its medieval castle and the city centre, which today should turn into a Cuban place. Many Spanish people had emigrated to Cuba between the 16th an the 19th century when it was a Spanish colony and returned wealthy. The architecture of the city still reflects the wealth and today you celebrate the “Fira D’Indians“ annually in honor to the closeness to Cuba.

The city, its inhabitants and the visitors adorn themselves with Cuban flair. Every first weekend of September, whitely dressed people romp about the narrow streets, smoke cigars in cafés, drink cold Mojitos and stroll around those many small stands which sell Cuban treasures. An elderly man is extolling his Cuban pipes, a woman from Central America is rolling cigars behind a cluster of people and a man wearing a straw hat is sitting at the piano and creates Cuban rhythm.

The guests got carried away by the music, they were dancing and clapping on the village square, their white dresses blowing in the wind and the atmosphere is so contagious, that even more guests start to join.
Small streets meander through the city, starting at the village square, decorated  with garlands of blue, white, and red. Our gaze is wandering from left to right and again and again we discover new things, whether it where stands selling chocolate of any kind, decorated between aromatically smelling cocoa beans, or herbage arranged in baskets made of raffia, which offer relief for any slight pain.

Fiery Spanish barmen are mixing Mojitos, which already have made some of the visitors feeling tipsy beneath the burning sun. Leather straps, white clothes and dresses for those who have forgotten about the dress code, delicious somethings like cake or Magdalena, which should sweeten the event, and palm leaves on every wall of the buildings, which create a feeling of being on the island – everything is available here.

Attractions like a lesson in mixing cocktails, in learning Latin dances or weaving a basket – entertainment is guaranteed for young and old.
Cuban music inspiring us, cigarette smoke surrounding us, and the Mojito got us going – this is how we were strolling through the hubbub and were feeling it authentically, feeling the enthusiasm for the distant country in the Caribbean which was the home of many Catalans for a long time.

The Onion “Calçot” – Tradition and Recipe

The sweet onion or “calçot” is a tender, white, sweet spring onion which, flame grilled, is the basis for a “calçotada”. It is a delight to taste, capable of satisfying the most demanding palates.
Each of the shoots from a fully-developed white onion that has been replanted in the earth is called a calçot.

When the onion has germinated and grown, it is pulled up and, after being kept for a season, it is planted again in such a way that it is onion half buried. As the plant grows, it is necessary to surround it with earth or “put its boots on” (in Catalan, “calçar”, giving it its name).


The stems must be between 15 and 25cm high of ‘white leg’. These sweet onions, flame grilled, are the main part of the “calçotada”, a typical, traditional culinary feast in Catalonia. The most famous is held in Valls on the last Sunday in January.

Romesco Sauce
1 large roasted red bell pepper from a jar
1 garlic clove, smashed
1/2 cup slivered almonds, toasted
1/4 cup tomato purée
2 tablespoons chopped flat-leaf parsley
2 tablespoons Sherry vinegar
1 teaspoon smoked paprika
1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper
1/2 cup extra-virgin olive oil
Fine sea salt and freshly ground black pepper

– Pulse first 8 ingredients in a food processor until very finely chopped. With motor running, slowly add oil; process until smooth. Season with salt and pepper.