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Dalí from a different angle

One day in the life of Dalí

Exposition in the Gala Dalí Castle in Púbol

The temporary exposition in the Gala Dalí Castle in Púbol gives visitors the chance to get an impression of the private Dalí – his work in his studio and the life with his wife Gala. From March 15 until January 7, 2018, you can see photographs of both of them, made by Ricardo Sans, a Spanish photographer.

Ricardo Sans’ heritage

The Gala-Salvador Dalí Foundation bought around 900 pictures from the Ricardo Sans heritage, which where taken by him during his cooperation with Dalí. Both got to know each other in 1949, through mutual friends. Since then, Sans documented them with his photographs between 1949 and 1956. The exhibition is divided into four different sections: portraits of Salvador Dalí (1949-1956), portraits of Gala (1951-1953), portraits of Salvador Dalí and Gala (1951-1954) and their everyday life in Portlligat (1950-1956). Organized by huge picture frames, the images seem like a photo album visitors can “leaf through“.

Visitors watching the phptographs

We were very interested in observing the private Dalí and Gala in the photographs.

Photographs showing the Dalís from different sides

The pictures give an insight into the private life of Dalí and make possible a better understanding of the extroverted artist. Some photos show him eating sea urchins, other while painting the Christ of Saint John of the Cross. The portraits of Gala show her mostly posing in front of the camera, with a smile on her lips. There are two photographs standing out, both of them are double exposed. The first one shows Dalí with his better half in their courtyard of their house. The second one shows Dalí hiding in the living room, typical surrealist style, showing that Salvador Dalí knew better than anyone else how to draw attention.


Eccentric Dalí and Gala

Dalí with the love of his life, Gala in their house in Portlligat.

Dalí as designer

The exposition is definitely worth a visit, because you can also visit the Gala Dalí Castle at the same time. In its on special way, the medieval building, which was given to Gala as a present from Dalí, gives you the possibility to immerse in their lives. Dalí himself furnished and designed the castle for Gala, the love of his life. A glass table serving as a peephole for observing their guests or a radiator covered with a painting of the exact same radiator are only a few examples for Dalí’s creativity.

Golden water tap

A very unique detail is the golden water tap in Gala’s bathroom.



Spending a fun day in Cadaqués.

Let the adventure begin – On the road to Spain

Hola Costa Live Readers!

My name is Hannah, I‘m from Berlin and I arrived one week ago in wonderful spain to work as a trainee for Costa Live until october.Traveling is always exiting- you gonna meet diffrent people and experience nice, funny and also weird situations. To keep you entertained, I‘m gonna write about a few of my adventures every week. My first day abroad was already  surprising…

My first day in beautiful Cadaqués

Okay, first I have to admit, that my journey to Spain wasn‘t really relaxed. My arms were sore from carring my baggage from the fifth floor down to the street, taking the Berlin tube in hot summer isn‘t the most comfortable thing and I almost missed my flight, because the departure time on my ticket was wrong. But, what the heck – I‘m gonna spend three whole months in one of my favourite countrys, so it‘s gonna be worth it.
It still feels like a dream the next day. I‘m passing olive plantations and palms trees on my way to Cadaqués, the smell of summer and sun is in the wind. Reality, please don‘t come back!

Famous surrealist Dali lived in Cadaqués.

Not without a reason has surrealist Dali made Cadaqués his home. This little charming, dreamy place makes me fall in love immediately (that‘s probably not the last time, that I‘m going to say this). White houses are sticking to the hillslopes of the pyrenees like bird‘s nests. The main street is running right next to the ocean, oleanders are blooming at the roadside, the smell of salty water and fresh grilled fish is in the wind.
It‘s already time for siesta (I love the spanish people for taking a break every afernoon without any bad consience) and I‘m keen to try some spanish delicacys in one of the numberless cafés and restaurants at the beach. I‘m going for salad with goat cheese and olives, Carpaccio de bacalao and all kinds of seafood – it immediately reminds me, why I‘ve always been loving the spanish cuisine.

Cadaqués is beautiful and charming.

Afterwards, I‘m taking a stroll trough the narrow streets. Plants are decorating the walls and balconys, where people are sitting to escape the midday heat. I‘m not only loving this place already, I don‘t wanna leave it anymore. Eventually the panoramic view of Cap de Creus is alluring me and I‘m moving on.It takes a little, until I‘m getting used to the wind up here, I‘m almost falling of the cliffs- but the view is absolutely spectacular.
Could my journey have started any better? I don‘t think so.
At the end of the day, I‘m lying in my bed, satisfied and happy, far away from the dull routine of everyday life.