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Surrounded by prickly fellows – Pinya de Rosa

Blooming cactus Pinya de Rosa.

If cactuses would be humans, they would probably not be the most liked visitors – luckily they‘re plants and we are the ones, who are invited to look at the prickly fellows in the botanical garden of Pinya de Rosa, near Blanes.

View Pinya de Rosa

The first glance over the spacious terraces already reminds us of long summernights in the exotic outland. The tall cactuses grow towards the sky like bizarre sculptures, looking down on their tiny brothers. You‘re going to be surprised by the variety of the succulents, as well as by the extraordinary finery of their beautiful blossoms – you just have to keep your eyes peeled.

Blooming cactus Pinya de Rosa.

Further down the gravel walk, native species of plants bloom between the cactuses – purple flowers allure butterflies, the warm summer air smells of lavender. The color palette is complete, when the peacock appears, trying to bewitch the visitors with it‘s dazzling coat – you want to stay and get caught up in your wanderlust.

Cactus Pinya de Rosa.

How to get there:
Jardí Botànic Tropical Paratge Pinya de Rosa
Camí de Sta Cristina s/n – 17300 Blanes (Girona)

Opening hours:
09.00 – 20.00 o’clock May – September
09.00  – 18.00 o’clock January – April/ October – Dezember 

Normal: 4 Euro
Students: 3 Euro
Groupticket (10+): 3 Euro


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