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Sun, Sangria, Siesta – What is it about spain?

A spanish man is smoking a cigar in Cadaqués.

Paella, sun every day, easy life- the Spanish don‘t wake up before midday, that‘s why they have dinner, when the rest of the world is already asleep. They live on Tapas and Chorizo, they drink buckets full of Sangria, which gives normal people the worst hangover ever and they need an one hour Siesta after every effort (meals included). They‘re only on time, if they‘re going to church or to a bullfight, they bawl all the time, that‘s why Spain is such a noisy counrty. I also prepared myself for all the tanned Spanish guys, named Antonio or José, which whistle to me or immediately take out their guitar to impress me with a romantic lovesong.

Paella is a typical spanish meal.

No, I‘m exaggerating and I know, because I‘m german, how ennoying clichés can be (apparently I‘m a Dirndl – wearing fun killer, who‘s eating nothing but Sauerkraut and sausages) and that almost none of them is true.Still, Spain and Germany are diffrent, there are no two ways about this, and I‘ve got the best conditions to get to known the spanish culture while I‘m here. So, what is it about the Spanish? First I have to admid, that I still haven‘t tried any Paella, also I drank buckets of beer instead of Sangria (that‘s probably quintessentially German) and when I went on the streets early in the morning, they weren‘t empty. I also haven‘t met Antonio or José so far, even tough the Spanish are tanned, they seem to prefere a friendly greeting instead of whisteling and playing guitar.

A Spanish guy is enjoying his Siesta.

Anyway, I need to get used to some things. It seems a bit weird to me, not to start preparing the dinner until it‘s dark and closed shops in the afternoon are not useful.  Apart of that, I really enjoy the Spanish Siesta, when the streets get empty and everybody takes a little break. In Germany, it‘s hard to escape from the hectic rush without feeling guilty. In Spain, fun and freetime seem to be as important as work. Have you ever seen a German person leaving the office to spend a few hours at the lake? Spain consists of more than the sun and the beach – as soon as you get off the touristiy path to explore the counrtyside, you gonna see mountains and wide fields with apple trees and sunflowers, which are as spectacular as the oceanview.

Even tough I‘ve only been here for a week, I‘m already caught up in the relaxed atmosphere – one thing I sometimes really miss in Germany. The Spanish cities seem to be unbelievable vivid and loud (yes, this cliché is definitely true!). It‘s probably the sun that makes the Spanish so tempramental – they get a overdose of endorphines every day. Still, I‘m trying not to fulfil the clichés about Germans – I already had lots of fun, I don‘t have a Dirndl in my baggage and I decided to take it easy. Or, as the Spanish say: „No te preoccupes.“


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