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Small places, big partys!

Die Kirche in Torroella de Fluvià.

Last sunday wasn‘t a good day. It was not because of the grey sky ( I really can‘t blame the sun for not having done a great job so far) and it was not because every sunday the bell of the church awakes the whole, sleepy village at 8 o‘clock, so that even the people, who never enter the church, can‘t stay in bed any longer.Thanks to my head, that I had such a bad day – you couldn‘t even call it a hangover, it was more like a circus. The good thing about those hangoverish days is, that they normally suggest that you had a great night before.The past weekend showed me once again, that you neither need a big city, nor clubs, nor expensive cocktails, nor famous DJ‘s to organize a good party – my feet are still sore from dancing all night at the village square.

Die Kirche in Torroella de Fluvià.

August and september seem to be the celebration months along the coast. There‘s hardly ever a weekend without a village holding it‘s Fiesta Mayor and inviting inhabitants and visitors to participate and have fun. My first village party was overdue, that‘s why I decided to spend my saturday night in Torroella de Fluvià. The place seemed like a buzzing beehive all day – tables were carried, a stage was build up, boxes where placed. Even I felt a little bit of excitement, when we walked towards the stage after sunset, where they were just announcing the band.

My first Fiesta Mayor.

The atmosphere was amusing, absurdly and absolutly nice – it couldn‘t have been any better. Children were playing around their drinking parents, visibly happy, that they were allowed to stay up all night. The teenagers of the village were already in front of the stage, cigarettes and bottles in their hands, the older inhabitants made way for the younger people and sat with smiling faces on folding chairs.In summary: This was probably the most variegated crowd, I‘ve ever seen – in Berlin, they sometimes send you away, because you‘re not wearing the right shoes and my grandmother would be out of the place in one of the nightclubs there.There was plenty of beer, which was served in plastic cups by the mayor, who raised his glass whenever someone ordered another drink.

The Fiesta Mayor takes place every year.

Even if the vibe was already great, it was not until the band 7 D Rock began to play, that the whole village suddenly became alive. Neither rain nor tiredness could pollute the party mood – 15 minutes later, all feet were moving.I can‘t remember when I went home – I think I stayed longer than I actually planned at the beginning and the music was playing until dawn.Anyway, this night showed me once again, that it‘s a basic need of humans all over the world to celebrate and have fun together – no matter, how small the place is and where the party takes place. Luckily, the following weekends are going to satisfy this need.

Just to let you know – it’s well worth seeing the band 7 D Rock. They gonna play on several villages partys along the coast. 

31.08. Aitona // 07.09. Guissona // 10.09. Viladrau // 14.09. Vilafant // 29.09. Lleida


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