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Sitges – See And Be Seen

Sitges, one of the best known holiday destinations in the province of Barcelona, is located only 36 km south-west and far away from the hustle and bustle of the city of Barcelona. Diversity is trending in Sitges, everybody is welcome here. This is why the small city today is a renowned destination for the gay scene.

Located at the Mediterranean Sea, about 17 beaches with turquoise sparkling, and clear water can be found there. Many small bars invite for having a cerveza in the open air. We are strolling along the seaside promenade, facing the Church of the Holy Bartholomäus and the Holy Thekla. It is towering high upon a cliff, breaking waves of the Mediterranean Sea underneath. The mountains, the sea, the harbor, and the slope-hugging houses create a picturesque ensemble.

We climb up the old stone stairs to reach the church, passing by the remains of an old defending cannon and huge palm trees. Soon, the old but beautiful walls rise into the sky right in front of us. The old church is honored to the patron of the city called Santa Thekla, celebrated by the city festival of Sitges during the week around 23th September.

Strolling through the small garden in the back of the church, we reach the square of the Ajuntamiento, which is the town hall of the city. The building based onto columns and archways attracts many visitors to come. Down the stairs into the city centre, the small street cafés, the white houses adorned with flourishes, and the charm of the small streets are beguiling us.

Facing the marina and the sea, we are enjoying delicious seafood. 
With naturalness, those many homosexual couples are perfectly integrated into the diverse street scene. Smiling happily and walking hand in hand carefree, they are passing us by. Every summer, the Sitges Gay Pride attracts more than 5.000 visitors to come. Five days of concerts, dances, colorful parades and fashion shows are on the agenda then. Sitges is legendary for its exciting nightlife. Stylish “gay-bars“ attract for having flirts. The street called “street of sins“ (“Calle del Pecado“) with its numerous clubs and bars is internationally well-known. Here, the celebratory gay-community meets night after night.

Also the Film Festival, which this year takes place between the 3rd and 12th October and is considered to be one of the most important international film festivals of fantasy films, makes Sitges a place to be – at least once.
If it was playing golf, visiting a sailing school or having a sunbath at one of the 17 beaches – the unique nightlife and the flair of the city, as well as the entertainment of those many fiestas – Sitges offers many opportunities for everybody. The beautiful city at the sea before the city gates of Barcelona is definitely worth a visit.


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