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Shopping Queen of Figueres

Figueres, a small town 140km north of Barcelona and not far away from the French border, is not only the seat of the Dalí Museum but also a good address for shopping, I was told. Charming, and twisting alleys which mostly lead to the Rambla or the Plaça de l‘Ajuntament, full of many little boutiques, shops and Desigual-stores leave their mark on the city.


Near to the Dalí Museum, we came across a frozen yoghurt shop which sold the new fashioned ice-cream as well as toppings lie fruit, chocolate and cocos. We had to have a try. Enjoying the delicious ice-cream, we strolled along little bars which already had some guests in the early evening who were enjoying their first cerveza.


Bershka and Mango were attracting us then, but also those labels like Pull&Bear and Stradivrius, mostly wanted by the Germans because they aren’t represented in Germany. Having filled bags but quite empty wallets, we got back home in the evening. By 28-31 August, visiting the Festival Acústica, we will be back at the latest.


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