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Second sketch – the antique dealer Angel

Angels shop in Garriguella.

In the middle of the sleepy village of Garriguella has the restorer and antiques dealer Angel opened his shop – behind old barn doors are two halls filled to the bursting with curiosity and antique pieces. What kind of person makes all these beautiful things sparkle and shine again?

What were you dreaming of, when you where a child?
Oh, I‘ve had many dreams. I was mostly dreaming of sport, because I was playing basketball for Barcelona.

Are you more a person of memory or of hope?

Which dream have you already forgotten?

One thing you should stop and one thing you should start?
I should stop working and start living my second youth.

What‘s more important in life? Rationality or unreason?

Would you have liked to live in a diffrent era?

What‘s the first thing you would do if you could be 16 again?
I would meet my wife.

Which is the most beautiful place you’ve ever been?

Which bar would you recommend us?
La sirena in Roses.

One thing that you would take to a lonley island?
My wife.

Are changes a good thing or a bad thing?
Something good!

What else does the world need??
More mental health.

What wouldn‘t the world be missing?

What is the good thing about growing up?
You make your experiences – no matter whether they‘re good or bad.

One thing that you have learned from life?
Honor and love the animals. Especially dogs and horses.

How important is time for you? Do you sometimes like wasting it?
Time means living and stop living. And yes, I love wasting it and I‘m doing it alot.

Do you have a motto?
It is a sentence of Pep Guardiola: „When we get up early and work hard, we are an unstoppable nation.“

Angels shop in Garriguella.

Information: Angels shop is located at the church square of Garriguella. It‘s worth a visit!


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