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A Place Like Ibiza

White Summer, a market that takes between 8pm and 1am, and is located nearby the sea of Serres de Pals, awaits its customers to go for open-air-shopping. Self-made jewelry, art, furniture and some beach bars attract many people to come to the small village, even on a Monday evening. The red full moon lights up the old golf club romantically, half dark, half covered by candlelight, and the air is full of love.
True to the motto, we are all dressed in white, leaving behind the crowded parking area and stopping with our VIP tickets nearby the entrance where we went in quite quick and got a free welcome drink. We sat down on wooden pallets which were covered with white pillows and placed upon the sand, and breathed in the pleasant smell that came from those little VW-Busses.


We smelled freshly-baked chocolate cupcakes, decorated with pink sugar toppings that were curled like cream. The seller wore a laced apron, smiled at the queue that became longer and longer, and didn’t get tired of selling her bakery produce to the customers.


We broke lose, followed the crowd and strolled along jewelry for the old as well as for the young. The stalls lay there, decorated with candles, chains of light, scarfs, and figures to attract the customers’ attention.


A DJ was playing his songs enthusiastically, to which some visitors were dancing on the grass. Happy children were running around, taking longing looks at sweets that were sold. The youth was sitting cool at chillout lounges and the rest seemed to be so filled with happiness that catching the atmosphere in a picture became difficult for me.


In the old golf building, we came along with art. We saw colourful picture frames to put a memo or an old cinema ticket into them, small bag with little mirrors on it, waiting for be taken out, and self-painted dishes that longed to be used for a Sunday cake.


The exhibitors were happy to get feedback and clients knew about the extraordinary articles so that they payed a fair price for them. We went upstairs the old golf building and hit a room full of fashion. Long, white dresses and vests made out of lace gave us the feeling of being on Ibiza. 
Long after midnight, we left White Summer, amazed by all those impressions that we got.




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