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Citadel in Murcia


In constant evolution

Paradores de Turismo faces its greatest growth stage since the sixties, which will mean reaching 100 establishments in the next years.

Currently an extension of the network by 14 Paradores is predicted, five of which are under construction with another nine in the planning stage. At the same time, the network is developing an ambitious improvements plan which will allow for the complete or partial renovation of many establishments.

Paradores under construction

Sant Francesc Convent

Parador de Morella (Castellón)

This new establishment is located on the flanks of the town’s castle in the area of the ancient 12th century Sant Francesc Convent which became the Convent de les Agustines. It will have an annex, the military governor’s quarters built in the 16th century, destined for business and conventions.

Parador de Lorca (Murcia)
It is being constructed in the vicinity of a Muslim citadel, meticulously respecting each one of the archaeological remains that have appeared.

Parador de Corias (Asturias)Parador de Corias
Founded in 1028, the ancient monastery of San Juan Bautista, located on the banks of the Narcea River and known as ‘El Escorial de Asturias’, became an important spiritual centre whose power extended over the entire west of Asturias. In 1593 a new church was built which, after being saved from the fierce fire of 1763, is the most ancient conserved part. The rest of the building was constructed during the 18th century and forms a large neoclassical block.

Parador de Veruela (Zaragoza)
It will be located in the Cistercian monastery in Aragon which dates back to the 12th century.The area is enclosed by a wall (16th century) with a one kilometre perimeter and has an impressive church with a Romanesque portal and three high naves covered with Gothic cross ribs. The Hotel is located in the area known as the new monastery (monastery of the Jesuits) and in other rooms of the Cistercian monastery.

Parador de Ibiza (Islas Baleares)
The first Parador of the network on the Balearic archipelago will be located in Almudaina Castle, which dates back to the 18th century and is found in the historical centre of the city of Ibiza, known as Dalt Vila and declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

First Parador in Ibiza in the Almudaina Castle

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