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Cheese in Catalonia – A marvelous world

Different types of Catalonian cheese

Fira del Formatge artesà Lladó

In Catalonia, one is going to find a surprisingly broad range of different kinds of cheese. Quality and a sense for what is truly special are always on the increase, especially in the last couple of years.

Most famous types of cheese

  • Firstly, there is SANT MATEU, a hard cheese which is left to mature for two months. It is known for its red rind as well as for its elastic texture and mild taste.
  • GARROTXA – Made from goat milk, it is left to mature for a month in stone caverns until it develops its special taste – mild, fresh and reminiscent of nuts, with a faint hint of mushrooms.
  • CANTELL however, is known for its nuttily flavour and the bluish natural rind which takes three months of maturing to develop properly.


Blue cheese at Llado

A paradise for cheese lovers


  • APRIME is a fat-reduced cheese for the body-conscious and features a mild flavour and soft consistence.
  • Caseated by wrapping cloth around goat milk, CAN PUJAL NEVAT is another soft, slightly sour cheese with white natural rind and a texture that melts on one’s tongue. Can pujal nevat takes about six weeks of maturing.
  • Another type made from goat milk is known as PETIT NEVAT. It is a small, soft cheese with a doughy texture and a mild flavour of mushrooms. Regional cheeses are known as Mountain – and Lowland cheese.


Hard to choose between all the different kinds of cheese

Huge offer



They are made from sheep-, cow – or goat milk or a mixture of the above. Besides, they come in all shapes and sizes. However, they are usually not known beyond their place of origin. Because of that Llado is hosting an annual cheese fair. However, the fair is an excellent opportunity to go on a culinary journey. And also, to get a taste of the region’s best cheeses. This year’s cheese fair is taking place on September, on the market place of Llado. Furthermore, wine and freshly baked bread are  offered, and there is music and other events of cultural interest. However, whilst in Llado, we highly recommend to take a walk to the antique centre of the village. Thus, visit Iglesia de Santa Maria and Monasterio de Santa Maria. Both date back to the Middle Ages and count as historic monuments.

To conclude, long story short: a trip to Llado is great fun for the entire family!


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