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Every year. The International Motor Show in Barcelona

International Motor Show – Barcelona

Barcelona International Motor Show

The Barcelona International Motor Show will celebrate its 36th edition at the Montjuïc exhibition centre with two clear stars of the show: the electric car and the presentation of innovations from more than 30 manufacturers as the main way to attract visitors and pro mote the revival of the sector.The fact that the Spanish Formula 1 Grand Prix is taking place at the Circuit de Catalunya in Montmeló during the same week as the Barcelona International Motor Show will make the city the unarguable motor capital of the world for one week.

Logo Salon Internacional Automovil

In the Barri Vell find interesting flower installations

Girona – Temps de Flors 2011

Girona – Flower Power N° 56 on the Costa Brava

Girona welcomes the spring at the beginning of May with a festival of flowers – and has been doing so for 56 years. Each May, the whole town wallows in a bacchanal of colours and fragrances, both intoxicating the senses in a delightful way. Parks, gardens and historical buildings shine resplendent in the flowers’ bright colours. In the shadow of archways, back­yards, alleys and the places of Barri Vell one walks from one beautiful arrangement of flowers to the next, drifting with the crowd.

Even private doors, terraces, balconies, gardens and palaces are all a-fringed with flowers in this “Time of Flowers” and invite the guests to stay longer.

There are blossoms and buds, leaves and calyxes everywhere; the town is enchanted. It is a fiesta of fantasy and dreams, and we devote ourselves to it every year. Again and again, we realize that Girona becomes more beautiful and interesting every year. In the Old Town quarter you casually find small shops, fashion boutiques, galleries and coffee houses. Another street has been fully restored, the old details remained. Facades are aglitter with new splendidness. The Middle-Ages and the modern time, side by side, fascinate us as well as many other visitors.” Temps de Flors” is a good opportunity to get to know the many little alleyways of Barri Vell, and to take a long stroll along the Rambla de la Llibertat.

Installations in the private "Patios" of the city