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“Goodbye Winter”: Easter in Costa Brava

Costa Brava, right in time for Easter

Spring has come at last, in Costa Brava, right in time for Easter. We enjoy long walks in the mild spring air, enchanted by the beauty of the blossoming flowers. We regain the will to live and love, we satisfy our longing for warmth, light and colours and we reawaken our senses. Energy, exercise, sun, blue sky, singing birds, the sound of the waves on the shore – spring rouses our spirits and a sunny intermezzo on the beach is a real treat after the long cold winter.

You could already breathe in the spring

Some time ago, when we were still living in Germany, we could hardly wait for Easter Break and the sea. As soon as the last day of school was over, all of us would jump into the car and off we headed for the south. After ten hours you would reach Costa Brava.  Flowers on the Costa BravaHaving passed Lion in France you could already breathe in the spring of the South and smell the soft fragrance of lavender and rosemary on the empty motorway at night. Spring fever would begin to stir. Easter in Costa Brava, that meant to say farewell to the long grey winter. Finally, there was the first day at the beach.To jump into the cool waves, feel sand under bare feet and sun on the skin. Pavement cafés humming and brimming with life, sandals, short trousers and shirts, freckles, gulls in the breeze, white sails on the horizon. We are searching for Easter Eggs (a tradition known in Germany) between shells and stones on the shore.
In the evening we sit down on the terrace with a glass of sparkling whine and watch the stars of the south rotate slowly above us. The snow capped Pyrenees are gleaming white on the horizon, ever lasting memories of the cold winter days. Whoever is not tired of snow and cold air yet can go skiing even around the Easter Days. Yet, most people prefer the sun and the sea now.

Unsurprisingly, google finds 325.000 entries if you look up “Easter in Costa Brava”. We will meet next week at the beach!
Let’s hope for a sunny day.

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