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Following The Footprints of The Pilgrim

Comfortable shoes at our feet, a map and plenty of water in our pockets, a full tank, which should take us to the twisting mountain landscape of the Pyrenees – this is how our trip started.

A small, tight road carried us onto the mountains that lay near to the highway we took before. A mile-wide landscape, surrounded by wild and flourishing vegetation and countless streams that clear their way through the mountains, spread before our feed. My view got further, swepping over the peaks of the mountains that seemed to hang in the clouds. I was bemused and banned at the same time. Besides,the feeling of freedom captured me, respectfully facing the vastness of my surrounding, which carried me to unknown dimensions.


We passed by narrow curves, meter high stone walls, and had an overwhelming view. Soon we should reach our first stop for today which was Espinavell, a small village in the middle of the mountains – a place of total isolation and intimacy.


To a certain extent we felt like intruders with backpacks and cameras, respectfully immigrated to the idyll of this peaceful, small town. We were warmly greeted by the villagers who climbed the high-pitched streets of their village, peacefully watering her vegetable garden of feeding their animals.

It was difficult for us to break loose from the peace and privacy we found there, but our trip through the mountains should carry us further and we were excited about the upcoming day. Back onto the pass, which offers an exhausting route to one or another cyclist, we rarely enjoyed the company of other vehicles. Instead there were loose cows and sheeps with their loudly ringing bells round their necks, grabbing our attention.


This is how we made our way to the small villages of Rocabruna and Beget, which quickly filled the memory cards of our cameras with beautiful pictures of their gorgeous churches and stunning façades made of stones.



Classy restaurants as well as cozy bars offered us a little breather of the never-ending impressions, that also attracted other hikers to vistit those small mountain villages.


I found my resting place. A piece of land surrounded by the majesty of the mountains, which not only opened me a totally new perspective but also time for myself.






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