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First draft – Julia Masetplana

Julia Masetplana, Bodega.

Julia Masetplana was already dreaming of taking over the family business, when he was a little child – today, the 27 – year old is owner of a wine – trade and produces delicious olive oil. It‘s worth an excursion to his fabric, which is located in the scenic Empordà near Garriguella – you can inspect all kinds of machinery and you won‘t leave with empty pockets.

Julia Masetplana, Bodega.

What were you dreaming of, when you were a child?
I was dreaming of taking over our family business and of sucess. When I was really young, I wanted to become a astronaut or firefighter.

Who are you representing in your dreams?
I don‘t think, that I‘m representing certain person – I‘m doing, what I‘m doing.

Are you a person of memory or of hope?
Hope is more important than memory.

Which dream have you already forgotten?
A forgotten dream…none occurs to me.

One thing you should quit and one thing you should start?
I should probably quit smoking. And I really want to study – maybe something like business studies.

What‘s more important in life? Rationality or unreason?

What‘s the most beautiful place, you‘ve ever been to?
I actually really like it here in Empordà.

What‘s the saddest place, you‘ve ever been to?
That was also here, when everything got destroyed by the fire last year.

One thing you would take to a lonley island?

Would you like to meet the Spanish president?
I‘m not interested in meeting him.

What would you say to him, if you would still meet him?
There‘s nothing to be said to the Spanish president anymore, the people have already told him everything. If I would meet the Catalan president, I would advise him to be more realistic.

Are changes a good thing or a bad thing?
Generally, they are good.

What else does the world need?
A little bit more sense of reality and modesty.

What wouldn‘t the world be missing?
Corrupt politicans.

What‘s good about growing – up?
You have freedom and it‘s easier to make decisions. Also, you can try diffrent things and make your own experiences.

What means time to you? Do you enjoy wasting it sometimes?
Time is very important for me. But I‘m actually always to busy to waste it.

One thing, you learned from life?
A lie has no legs.

Where: Paratge dels Pedreguers, s/n 17780 – Garriguella


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