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Empuriabrava – “The Spanish Venice“

If you take a look at Empuriabrava downwards from the sky, you will see a lattice shaped system of 30km of canals which meander through the city. Most of the white villas are directly located at the water and have its own boat dock – no wonder that Empuriabrava is sometimes called “The Spanish Venice“.


Up to now, we had only explored the streets of the city, this was why we were searching for a new point of view. A journey across the canal should be a welcome change.

Inconspicuously, we mixed with tourists and rent an electric boat. The nice Spanish guy explained the technology to us and then we directly started into the rocky torrents.We were sitting in a small cockleshell which, for the moment, was a shaky adventure. But quickly, we had boat and helm under our control and were sailing calmly across the water, took a look at the terraces of the villas and enjoyed the perspective of a life „behind the scenes“. Water and lifestyle – what does that feel like? One thing became quickly clear to us: Empuriabrava is a place which you have to conquer by boat. Having an own boat and a boat dock connected to your terrace is a part of the life of the Rich and Beautiful.

Even small waves made our boat sea-sawing but we dared to go deeper into the maze of the watercourses. Some owners of boats waved at us, shouted “Hola guapas“ and spread charme, other were overtaking us on their huge yachts and let us feel so small.

The memory cards of our cameras were filling up with pictures of perfectly planted gardens, mediterranean houses, luxury yachts and happy vacationers which were on a discovery journey like us.

The hour, during which we got to know the idyll and uniqueness of Empuriabrava, went by too fast. The real attraction of the city with its vast sandy beach is inner canal system. If you once glide through the canals by a rented boat or a yacht, you will quickly see that the attribute “The Spanish Venice“ might be kind of exaggerated but somehow still fitting.


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