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Cuba nights in Begur – Fira d’Indians

Cuba nights in Begur – Fira d’Indians 3. – 5.9. 2010

From September 3 to 5nd, the entire town rejoices and plunges into Caribbean flair. It is the time of a festival called Fira d’Indians. From the 16th to the 19th century, Cuba was a Spanish colony, and there were quite a few Catalans, who went to find their luck at the other side of the ocean. They returned, having gained a fortune, and built the splendid houses.

Begur celebrate the relation to Cuba with a festival on the streets

In Begur, this bond to the Caribbean island is celebrated with a festival on the streets. The market, offering vegetables and other colonial goods, invites the guests to stay and buy some of them. Cuban music and dances, colourful costumes and tasty Caipirinhas put every­one in good spirits, until the morning comes.

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    Begur grew thanks to the wealth of Catalans who made their fortunes in the American colonies and this trans-Atlantic heritage is marked with the annual Fira d`Indians festival.

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