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Sea view with flowers

From Calella de Palafrugell to Tamariu

An old German song about trekking more or less says “The water never sleeps, it keeps always moving.“ Hiking is fun. Also composer Franz Schubert already knew that. On a warm and sunny morning we set out for a walk along the Costa Brava. The camí de ronda leads us along the impressive “wild coast“, past picturesque fishing villages and beautiful bays with fine, golden sand, to Tamariu.

Busy fishing village

We start our tour in Calella de Palafrugell, a small fishing village. In a street café we rapidly eat some bocadillos and have a café con leche, before we finally can start walking. The route leads us through the huge round arches of the Port Bo square and past the beach of Canadell. It’s Sunday lunchtime and the restaurants are full of tourists and locals. Also on the beach, we can’t find an empty space. A quick selfie, then we are relieved to leave all the hustle and bustle behind us.

Pink flowers at the side of the path

At the coastline, everything is blossoming.

And up we go

Below an ancient watchtower, we go around a headland and arrive in Llafranc in almost no time. After a short break for drinking some water and taking a couple of photos, we climb up a few stairs at the harbour and get to a curvy street. Winding our way upwards we pass luxurious villas. At the top we come across the lighthouse of Sant Sebastiá, which is the most powerful Spanish lighthouse with a headlight range of 100 km. Here, you can also find a restaurant with a great view of Llafranc and the surrounding cliffs. We pass the lighthouse and an old watchtower dating back to the 15th century. After the climb at midday heat, we have to rest for a while and fortify ourselves with some sandwiches.

View of the coastline

What a view! The camí de ronda keeps surprising us with stunning sea views like this.

Colourful sea water

Fortified, we continue the final part of our route, leading us through forests and meadows, past a couple of isolated private plots, downwards to the Cala Pedrosa. In this remote rocky bay we find a small fishing hut offering some snacks for the small appetite. Fascinated by the game of the colourful waves – dark blue, turquoise, light green shining in the sun – we take a small break on a big rock at the sea. There is a lot of coming and going and we can’t find peace. So we put our drinking bottles back in our backpacks and leave the bay behind us. Shortly afterwards, we enjoy the aromatic smell and the cool air in a pine wood. Every now and then the blue sea shines through the trees. Excited what’s waiting for us after the forest, we follow the path now going along the coastline, passing small rocky bays with turquoise water.

Dream of paradise

The turquoise-greenish colour of the sea water is like heaven on earth.

Arriving at Tamariu

About 45 minutes afterwards we finally get to the beach of Tamariu. Crystal-clear, Caribbean-blue water and a red-golden sandy beach await us. We take off our shoes, climb over a few rocks separating the path from the beach. The sand is giving us a nice massage and the cool salt water refreshes our skin. Exhausted, we sit down on a bench at the promenade and rest there for a while. The small coastal town is very busy. You can find sangria, beer and white wine on the restaurant tables. Hikers, tourists, locals and sun worshippers come together here. Before we go back, we eat some tasty ice cream and enjoy the sea view. Above us the seagulls, making their rounds in the sky. A light breeze blows the hair out of our faces. Simply wonderful! The sun is slowly going down and it’s time to go back.

Arriving at Tamariu

Exhausted, we finally get to Tamariu. We can’t wait to feel cool salt water on our tired feet.


Route: Calella – Llafranc – Far de Sant Sebastiá – Cala Pedrosa – Tamariu
Walking time: In total about 2 1/2 hours
Don’t forget suncream and water bottles!

Along the coast

At the other side of the Pyrenees

The sun shines brightly and bathes small coastal towns, the mountain range Serra de l’Albera, picturesque bays, rough rocks, traditional fishing villages and narrow streets in a golden light. Perfect conditions for our trip on a sunny day in spring.

From Perpignan towards the Pyrenees

We start our journey in Perpignan and travel back to Spain along the French Mediterranean coast. Passing salt lakes south-east of Perpignan, very popular for surfing, we get to Argelès-sur-Mer. This seaside resort connects in a way the Pyrenees with the Mediterranean Sea and impresses with its small alleys and fine sandy beaches. However, we don’t stay long and follow the street along the coast, covered with hundreds of blossoming lavender and broom plants.

Coloured plants decorate along the coast.

Beautiful plants seam the coastline.

Picturesque fishing villages and unspoiled bays

Our way southwards leads us to Collioure, an old fishing village, which attracts lots of different artists. Again and again we see their framed motifs. At the promenade, a frame shows, for example, the ancient fortified church, captured by Henri Matisse. We make a small break and take in the splendid colours and the hustle and bustle in the bay. Then we leave Collioure and its colourful alleys and soon afterwards enjoy the peace in one of the secluded and delightful bays of Port Vendres.

Fortified church in Collioure

The bay of Collioure invites coffee lovers, sun worshippers and wind surfers.

Great view of the coast

Passing Banyuls-sur-Mer, famous for its sweet wine, we finally get to the Cap Rederis. From there you have a beautiful view of the coastal landscape: from the Cap Béar to the Spanish Cap de Creus, you can enjoy a stunning panorama, framed by various illuminated flowers. Down at the water, waves with sea spray break against the rough rocks of the steep coast and through the clear, turquoise water beyond you can see to the ground.

Looking down to the seabed

Through the clear water you can see down to the bottom of the sea.

A trip full of impressions

Wonderful strong colours and idyllic small bays. Traditional fishing villages and abandoned streets along the steep coast. Clear water in all possible shades of blue and great views over the entire coast. All these impressions make a trip along the southern part of the French Mediterranean coast totally worth it.

Blue sky over ocean waves

Picturesque views and history in Sant Martí d’Empúries

Spring in Sant Martí d’Empúries

Wisterias stand in full bloom between the old stone walls of Sant Martí d’Empúries. Sant Martí d’Empúries is one of our favourite places of the Costa Brava. The small, medieval town used to be the main city of the ancient county Empúries and until today it sits enthroned on a cliff above the sea. The shore lies in the sun of spring, a white temptress, inviting us to enjoy the year’s first rays of sunshine. All along the beach with its bays and rocks runs the Costa Brava’s most romantic esplanade, connecting Empúries and L’Escala.


Sea view in Sant Martí d'Empúries

Sant Martí d’Empúries



Greek settlers

It was here, where the first Greek settlers came ashore in the 6th century BC, and it is the Greek we owe thanks for the impressive ruins of Empúries.

They named the first town they arrived at – a small island indeed – Paliapolis. Today, Paliapolis is an island no more; it is now connected to the mainland and called Sant Martí d’Empúries. A little bit later, the Romans were just as enchanted as the Greek. They built a city here in the first century BC, and used it as a military base. In the times of Caesar Augustus, it formed a union with the city of Municipium Emporiae. Since both the Greek and the Romans have contributed significantly to the city’s his­tory, Empúries is archaeologically unique. The walk through the ruins of Empúries is an experience you do not want to miss: unique views of the sea, antique pillars, marvelous mosaics, Mediterranean vegetation and a feeling of what it must have been like to live here, a long time ago.


Beach in L'Escala

Sea view in L’Escala

The beach of Roses at night

Costa Brava – Coasts and beaches

As big and simple is the world at the beach nothing but wind and cloud, nothing but sea and sand.

© Dr. Carl Peter Fröhling

Beach Hopping

There are plenty of beaches to explore in Catalonia. But every beach is different and provides its very own magic. Just in time for summer month of August we present our top list of the most beautiful and exceptional bays and beaches of the Costa Brava. Let us invite you to our Beach Hopping Tour 2015!

A lot of yachts in the bay of Garbet

Boats tarry in the bay of Garbet

Begur: Aiguablava – A bay like painted!

Turquoise Green, crystal clear water, a fine sand beach and bizarre rocks as only nature can create them. Yes, we are still at the Costa Brava and not in the Caribbean ! However, if you are visiting the Aiguablava Bay for the first time, you might think of an exotic remote paradise.

As the southernmost beach of the picturesque town of Begur, the romantic little bay attracts many bathers in the summer.

Among the Catalans the Aiguablava Bay with its shallow waters, the unique rock formations and lush green vegetation is considered as the most beautiful bay at the Costa Brava. It is even said to be the most beautiful bay in Spain. A wide range of water sports, the proximity to restaurants and shops, as well as existing parking areas make it especially attractive for visitors.

Bay with fine sand and clear water

Bay of Aiguablava is like paradise

Sant Martí d’Empúries – L’Escala:
Platja Portitxol – Antique and flair

The Platja Portitxol between Sant Martí d’Empúries and L’Escala was already popular with the Romans and the ancient Greeks. This is shown by the roman and greek remains of Empúries. Empúries is an important archaeological site in the Iberian Peninsula.

Where about 2,600 years ago, the Greeks once entered Iberian mainland, it is today a paradise for sun worshippers where you can relax under parasols while dreaming away or watching the waves of the sea.

Platja Portitxol between Sant Marti d'Empúries and L'Escala

The fine sandy beach Portitxol

Sant Pere Pescador: A fresh breeze for everyone

What a pity that you can not embrace the Gulf of Roses. But here, approximately in the middle of the most northeastern bay on the Catalan coast of Spain, one feels like embracing the world. The arms are wide open so the fingertips can cover the brightly painted houses on the mountain slopes of Roses. In the south, the silhouettes of the seaside resort of L’Escala disappear, leaving only a pale blue sky:

A magnificent view of the Mediterranean Sea! The wide, white sandy beach with a length of approx 6.3 kilometres lets every vacationer’s heart beat faster. It is the longest beach along the bay of Roses. Young and old, families, kiters, surfers and nudists feel comfortable here at the beach of Sant Pere Pescador. Whether it is enjoying a fresh breeze while watching the play of waves, wind surfing or simply relaxing – there is something there for everyone! The tramuntana is a welcome refreshment on hot summer days. But the north wind means also pure adrenaline for the water sports.

There’s a lot of parking-spaces just behind the beach and a separate bicycle path. A place close to heaven and easy to reach by bicycle!

Gulf of Roses

Wide beach of Sant Pere Pescador on the Gulf of Roses

Roses: Platja de l’Almadrava – the perfect place for the whole family

The Platja de l’Almadrava, also known as Canyelles Grosses, is one of the most popular beaches in Roses. With a length of 500 meters and a width of 25 meters, the Platja de l’Almadrava invites you to relaxing walks under the sun of the Costa Brava. This sheltered beach has got a current certification for good water quality and it offers everything you need for a perfect day at the beach: fine sand, clear water, showers, toilets, kiosks, beach bars and easy parking.

fine sand and clear water at the beach of Almadrava

The fantastic beach Almadrava

Roses: Platja de Canyelles –
the little sister of the Almadrava Bay

Surrounded by opulent nature and only about 3km from the center of Roses, there is the beach Platja de Canyelles. The Platja de Canyelles is one of the most beautiful and quietest beaches of Roses. Located in the last built-up area on the northern coast of Roses, this beach is only limited by the unspoiled mountainous landscape of the Natural Park of Cap de Creus.

The fine golden sandy beach provides all the comforts for an unforgettable stay: beach bars, restaurants, beach chairs and umbrellas, pedal boats and rafts. Anyone who has ever dreamed of a maritime shipping can book a touristic sailing cruise. If you’re looking for peace, harmony, leisure activities, relaxation and excellent water quality then Platja de Canyelles could be your favourite beach.

Natural beach Canyelles near Roses

Surrounded by nature the beach Canyelles extends not far from Roses

Colera – Llança Platja Garbet –
the gourmet beach at Cap Ras

Choosing the Platja Garbet in Llanca for a beach day, not only offers the possibility to refresh in the sea but also to be be indulged with culinary delights. Here, where the landscape of the northern Costa Brava becomes clearly rougher you will find framed by green vineyards one of the most exclusive gourmet restaurants right at the seashore. At first sight it seems to look like any other beach bar of this area but don’t let yourself be fooled! The Garbet is recommended by the prestigious Michelin guide and is known for its delicious paella and fish dishes. The guests can dine royally while putting their feet in the sand. After a delicious meal it is time for siesta! If you are a really serious power lounger you may want to bring your own beach chairs for a nap at the beach.

Beach Garbet with restaurant

The gourmet restaurant Garbet is directly situated on the beach

And if you now got the desire to jump into the cool waters of the Mediterranean sea, then do not hesitate any longer! We are sure that you have already discovered your own personal favorite bay at the Costa Brava . We appreciate tips and suggestions from you!

Clear water at the beach La Rubina

Windsurfer at the beach la Rubina in Empuriabrava

Leave nothing, but footprints…

Spending a day at the sea: Visiting the bays of Cadaqués, swimming in the water of Callela’s popular beaches, sailing in the port of Barcelona. This beautiful day invites countless vacationer as well as locals to the impressive coastline along the Costa Brava.

We packed our beach bags with exciting reading material, large beach towels, sunblocker and plenty of cheerfulness for a trip to the beach of Sant Pere Pescador.


A small Spanish village with lots of restaurants, campsites as well as a big well kept beach. High waves with their white crests, sparkling in the sunlight, fine-grained golden sand, a constant fresh breeze, which makes the sunbath in the blazing heat pleasant. Whoever does not yearn for a refreshing Coke in his hand, a stable beer or a sparkling cocktail accompanied by a small snack or more?

The Marlin Beach bar close to the beach should fulfill our little daydreams with softly sounding lounge music, a great sea view and a lovely decorated surrounding. Here, we could definitely close this soothing beach day. Dressed with our beach clothes, not worrying about anything, we walked into the beach location, which seemed totally integrated into the maritime charme of its environment.


In this pleasant atmosphere, time just passed away and the promising menu also contributed its part. With a Sangria in our hands we stayed until the early evening arrived, which brought live music with it. We were constantly watching visitors who were Selfie-snapping in front of a wooden sign, and curious as we were, we also wanted to know what was hidden behind it.

 Leave nothing, but footprints.

Take nothing, but pictures.

Kill nothing, but time.”


Celebrate Life

One time or another, we all want to forget about our busy everyday life and want to celebrate life as being a party. This is what you can do from the mid-June to mid-September at the Beach Club called “El Pirata“ of the hotel Vistabella in Roses. Every Sunday, young and old are able to pop the corks at the Champagne-Party and enjoy the sea view from 4 to 8pm. Here, the motto “Champaign or Water“ applies. Caution: One or another bottle will definitely be sprayed among the crowd.


Our way to the Beach Bar leads along the beach and stone stairs, via the cliffs to the perfect location above the sea including a fantastic view across the bays and the sea. Here, it is enjoyable to let the sun warm up your body and to drink the exquisit champaign in an relaxed atmosphere. The bars are crowded, the bar tables and lounges fully occupied.


This is how the Beach Bar attracts inhabitants and visitors to a joyful togetherness beneath the white sun awnings. You can observe young, suntanned girls who are dancing to the beat of the DJ, a group of funny men who are trying to sing, as well as families who are enjoying the view at the mountains, the sea and the yachts. The vibes of electronic music are accompanied by a saxophonist. The crowd is dancing and clapping enthusiastically.


Only few stairs to the beach, the clear, turquoise sea invites the visitors for a cooling.
Actually, the party ends at 8pm, but the DJ is open to addition if the crowd demands it. Nevertheless, every party has its end. Suntanned, infatuated by the vibes and a bit tipsy from the champaign, we made our way back. Having a satisfied smile on our face and a good feeling, we are now able to face new adventures of our everyday life. Life is a party, at least on weekends!


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The village Rupit is one of the most beautiful at Costa Brava.

Vacation – beach, sun, easylife?

I have to admit – I‘m an absolut beachlover! If it‘s almost 40 degree, I‘m the only one left on my beach towel, thinking: What – you think it‘s too hot? I have to stock up some sunshine before  winter! I‘m at least forcing myself to put on some sunscreen, because I don‘t want to look like a cooked lobster in the evening.

The village Rupit is one of the most beautiful at Costa Brava.

I think, that generally people, who are living somewhere, where the ocean isn`t within reach, naturally want to travel there for vacation. Beach, sun, sand – all synonyms for relaxation, rest and enjoyment.
In the past, I‘ve spend some vacations almost only on the two square meters of my beachtowel, which I‘ve only left for a short refreshment or a coffee in on of the beach bars. Eventually, I‘ve visited the museum nearby, to pretend, that I got to known a diffrent culture. Those vacations weren‘t bad – I was tanned and deeply relaxed, when I was back to everyday life, so they were quite useful.

The beautiful church in the centre of Rupit.

By now, I feel a bit of a pang, as soon as I‘m lying on my beachtowel more than two days. When I spend my first beachday here, I catched a glimpse of the silhouette of the pyrenees behind all the yelling kids, bananaboats and surfers and a voice appeared in my head, whispering: What may be there?
This time, it was not a problem for me to leave the beach, since Costa Live Magazin anyway tries to lure travellers to the counrtyside of the Costa Brava. It wasn‘t disappointing so far. Quite the reverse – I already replaced my flip flops with sneakers and I‘m wearing a normal T – Shirt instead of my bikini. When I heard of Costa Brava before, I always tought of an amazing beachparadise, but I‘m again and again surprised, how multifaceted this region is.

The surroundings of Rupit are impressively.

I fell in love with the cliffy landshape of the pyrenees, making you feel, as if you would meet a mythical creature in a moment, the foggy highland is unbelievable beautiful and the sleepy villages remind me of medival times. Furthermore, I discovered, that seafood and wine taste not only good at the beach, but also in the little restaurants, hidden  somewhere in narrow streets.
Pleading to myself: No more lazy beachlife, it‘s time for curiosity! I can‘t wait to discover national parks and flowstone caves, churches and castles, mountain lakes and campsides.   Don‘t worry, dear ocean, I‘m coming back willingly after those expeditions!