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Christmas is Just Around the Corner

Spending long nights full of candlelight and having a glass of velvety wine at the open fire – Christmas is a festival of touching the senses and every year, it takes the romantic out of us again. We indulge ourselves in sentimental Christmas decoration, we are surrounded by the smell of delicious glühwein and biscuits.


This year, following the current trend, our ideas for your decoration come right out of nature. Reddishly shining pomegranates, nicely smelling walnuts, cones of stone pine and cypress, moss or dried berries and twigs, wrapped up with wickerwork are staged with candles, glittering baubles in colours of copper, apricot, and berry.

Door wreaths are made of walnuts or cones, accompanied by finds from the sea or by twigs and dried plants from the forest or field – there are no limits to the imagination. 
With colours of silver, gold, and copper one can spray some little highlights on the bricolage. Gleaming and colourful ribbons or golden tinsel put an emphasize on the topic of Christmas.

The Advent calendar has been invented for those who are grumpy in the morning and need to get up easier in the pre-Christmas period. A self-made one always is a special proof of love. One might sew little bags out of remnants, for example, and put in sweets, key fobs, jewellery, and useful little things combined with kind sayings. At the end, one can bind the bags mixed up on a branch or an Advent wreath, paint the 24 numbers on them and the very individual surprise of pre-Christmas is ready to be given to your beloved one.

If you don’t have any sewing machine or remnants at home, also paper bags or small packs can be packed and wildly be hung up on a line. We guarantee that this special Advent calendar will be remembered as a highlight of pre-Christmas for a long time.


We wish you a Merry Christmas within your family circle

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