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Christmas Baking – Recipes

Who of us didn’t have the childish anticipation of Christmas, the feeling of butterflies in the stomach when hearing the bell ringing and knowing that the Christ child had come? Who of us coulnd’t wait the door to the living room to be opened and to get access to the Christmas tree, loaded with presents?
This excitement might be fading away over the years but there are many possibilities to get in the right mood for Christmas and to regain a certain kind of anticipation.

There is a current trend towards handmade presents and this is why this year home-made biscuits with almond splits and chocolate or sugar icing can’t be missing at the advent café with the family or friends.
The tradition of having Christmas biscuits goes back to the time before Jesus Christ was born. Back then, winter solstice was celebrated and the people baked so-called “breads for sacrifice“ which they hung up on threads or threw into rivers to frighten evil spirits or demons. According to this Christian tradition, Christmas breads – today’s Christmas cakes – were brought to life. As these cakes were expensive to produce and only wealthy families were able to allow themselves this luxury, people began to bake “small breads“ from which our Christmas biscuits have arisen.


Today, we enjoy Christmas biscuits when drinking tea or coffee or we give them away in little bags, decorated with colourful ribbons or nameplates. Home-made biscuits always are a highlight during the Christmas period and since the 19th century, they are a fixed element of our banquet table.

We are going to share two biscuit recipes from Costa Live’s Christmas baking so that these little delicacies are not missing at your home.

Almond Shortbread

125 g margarine
125 g icing sugar
2 packets of vanillin sugar
a pinch of salt
100 g flour
100 g oat flakes
100 g ground almonds
100 g almonds without shell
1/2 cup of milk

Beat margarine, icing sugar, vanillin sugar, and salt until it is frothy, then stir in flour, oat flakes, and ground almonds until the mixtures become a smooth dough. Form two rolls of dough and cut off little pieces. Place these pieces on a baking tray, dip the almonds without shell into the milk and place them onto the pieces. Bake it on the middle rack at 175 C for 12-15 minutes.

A kiss from a nut

2 whites of an egg
125 g sugar
125 g ground hazelnuts
hazelnuts for garnishing

Whisk the egg whites with the sugar until stiff, then take two soupspoons off the mixture. Carefully fold in the ground hazelnuts and form small balls out of it. Press in a small hole and fill in the stiff egg white and put a hazelnut on each ball as a garnish. Bake it at 140-160 C for 20-25 minutes.

Some biscuits bags are waiting for being eaten – so come into our office at Empuriabrava and help them!


We wish you a Merry Christmas

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