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Centre of reproduction for the turtles of the Albera

An informative excursion in the animal kingdom of Catalonia

Centre of reproduction for the turtles of the Albera

If you visit the Serra l’Albera, the northernmost part of the Pyrenees, you shouldn´t miss the Centre of Reproduction for the turtles of the Albera. In this centre, the mediterranean species “testudo hermanni hermanni” is reproduced and observed.
Outside of the small village Garriguilla situated, the centre is settled on the terrain of an old romanic church. Already the forecourt, surrounded by trees and fields, invites you to a picknick.

Turtles in the preservesYou reach the entry and the information centre by crossing the yard. They builded a footbridge, whereon you can go through the turtle´s preserve, without disturbing them in their composure. It is advisable to visit the centre in the morning. That´s when the activity of the animals is at its highest point and you can find several turtles straight off.
In the end of the circular walk are a few more smaller preserves. These show some other sorts of turtles, among others gigantic turtles and tortoise so as species from Africa, Asia and Centralamerica.
After the circular court, you can watch a documentation about life and dangers, which the animals face in their natural habitat. The film shows very empathically the threats of the animals and says how urgent it is to save this species. The purpose of the centre is the raising of the population by reproduction to prevent the turtles from dying out.

The admission fee helps to preserve the centre and to support several studies of biological and ecological aspects. An informative excursion in the animal kingdom of Catalonia, which is also because of its iydillic surrounding, worth to visit.

Tortuga de l’Albera

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