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Bodega Oliveda – Capmany / Girona

Winner of numerous awards in wine competitions

Rigau Ros, Família Oliveda, Gran Rigau, Masia Oliveda, Furot, Montana Perucchi


Since 1764 wine has been pressed in the bodega Oliveda, in the small village of Capmany.

The old-established company is leaded by a young and dynamic team, creating a perfect combination of tradition and modernity which results in wines of the highest quality. Wine coinoisseurs around the world appreciate the Oliveda wines of the D.O. Empordà and D.O. Catalunya.

They are exported to more than 20 countries,

among them Japan, South America and the USA. The best place to get to know the Grup Oliveda is the barrel tap and wine making machinery museum, located in the oldest part of the winery in Capmany.In summer it is open from Monday to Saturday, always from 9-13h and 14.30 -18.30 h. Entrance is free for everyone. After having admired the curious collection, one is in the right mood for a wine tasting. Having found a new favourite, you can buy some bottles directly there.

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