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Begur- beautiful facades and a perfect day in october

It is the end of october, the last chance to visit the popular crafts market and little shops in beautiful Begur which open for the last time of the season. After the winter break takes place in the region.

Towards the sun

Already my way up from Torroella de Fluvià to the historic village is fantastic. Sun shines insatiable today. The sky is gloriously blue. I open the sunroof of the car. Heat surrounds me and I take a deep breath to feel the warm wind. The winding roads are lined with pine-trees. At the horizon mountains melt into the sea. October couldn’t give me a more perfect day.

enlighted lanes in Begur

sunshine enlightens every little lane

Reaching the parking-lot, leave my car and enter the almost deserted streets.It makes me feel good. Shafts of sunlight blaze a trail between the houses. I’m on my way to Plaça de la Vila- the historic center.

Historical center in a perfect location

Perhaps the most popular town’s landmark are defense towers which are up to twelve metre. They were originally built in the Middle Ages.

defence tower

defence tower behind the Plaça de la Vila

Obviously, the centre of Begur has been spruced up for tourism through the years. But it didn’t decrease the historical character of the village. While nowadays the more exclusive tourism is dominating the economic, locals form the past primarily lived by the sale of corals. Later it was cork.  After the cork industry collapsed many locals were forced to displace their lives to South America. By coming into economic wealth they decided to come back to Spain. The so called „Indianos“ influenced the contemporary architecture in Begur by building mansions in a colonial caribbean style. “Casas de Indianos“ are already decorating the cityscape.

Once in Begur you should make the effort and climb up the castle hill. The fantastic view up to the point of the coast recovers all damages. The most obvious advantage of Begur is its perfect position. Surrounded by numerous hills – Massís de Begur – and a long coastal path it is a comfortable location above the Cap de Begur and Cap sa Sal.

The smell of cotton candy

caramelized nuts and cotton candy

smell of caramelized nuts and cotton candy sugars the air

Plaça de la Vila blazes in the sunshine. A market stand sweetens the air with caramelized nuts and cotton candy. Families are strolling around. Halloween is near by. The perfect occasion for children to put on some creepy make-up masks and enjoy the various sweets to the fullest. Market stands are rarely spread this weekend. But those few attended offer pretty little things from clothes to cosmetics and natural foods. Some of the little stores open for the last time during this season and give a special sale to their product line.

jewellery in Begur

different types of jewellery on the market stands

But the real attention on this day applies to only one: the sun. Almost everywhere people bask in the warming sunshine. Talking, laughing and drinking coffee. The small cafes are completely filled. Taking this opportunity to stock on some souvenirs for family and friends. The charming little lanes cry out to be explored. Baroque lanterns. Caribbean colonial style decorate faces of buildings .Olive trees dancing in the sunshine. Who doesn’t get enough of beautiful villages à la Begur should visit the nearby Pals. Similarly to Begur you will find nice houses and streets, cafes and shops.

floating people in Begur

people floating through the pretty little alleys

I enjoy the bustle of the market. Enjoying an iced coffee in the sun is my personal topping on an already perfect day …


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