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Anysetiers support Tramuntanets in Roses

The International Order of Anysetiers is an alliance of citizens revived in France in 1955 which wants to attend to social responsibility in the spirit of interpersonal care and international understanding. The Anysetiers support those who are in a social need and promote cultural matters.

During the last years, the Commanderie Costa Brava of the International Order of Anysetiers supported many social projects and organizations with word and deed on a regional basis. This year in October, they handed over a cheque of 2.500€ to the Association Tramuntanets (l’Associació Tramuntanets). This association is a private foundation for families with disabled children which, for example, makes the holiday care for mentally and physically disabled children in Roses possible. The current donated money guarantees the upcoming holiday care for Christmas 2014 and Easter 2015.

A mutual event in the Cituadella of Roses assured communication and cooperation. Affected children, parents, relatives, and members of the Order of Anysetiers were pleased about the staging of the Castellers de Figueres. Castellers – human towers – are full of symbolism. There is a need for trust in the other one’s abilities when standing upon their shoulders.

L’Associació Tramuntanets (Association Tramuntanets) : 630 838 151 / 660 541 908 / / IBAN: ES87 2100 8175 80 2300044430 / BIC: CAIXESBBXXX
Commanderie de Bahia de Rose-Costa Brava – Ordre International des Anysetiers :

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