Costa Brava, excursion
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A boat trip is stunning…

Habour of Empuriabrava

…especially at the Costa Brava, because the „wild“, „rough“ and „untamed“ coastline never looses its impressive character, composed by bizarre rocks, hidden bays and scenic landscape. The crystal clear water reflects in brillant blue colors the endlessness of the sky, wave froth and sea gulls speckle the ocean – it‘s a idyllic paradise. We swim towards this adventure with virtuosity.

Our friend Jutta is enjoying the sun.

Every summer, Oliver and Jutta invite us to a boat trip along the Costa Brava. Froth blows in the air, once we escape the canals of Empuriabrava and we eye up the residences along the cliff line. Sail boats bob up and down in little bays. After a refreshment in the cool waves, we‘re full of liveliness again and ready to stop for a glass of sparkling wine in one of the harbours.

The boat is taking us to Cap de Creus.

There are no pirates in sight and we can drive further towards the sinking sun. It‘s off – season and the sea seems to belong to us – we enjoy the day, the sweet idleness and we feel like the kings of the ocean. In the evening, our captain brings us back into reality safely.

Our captain Oliver.


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